Polka Dot Elastic No Tie Shoelaces

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What would your favorite sneakers be without the right quality shoelaces? However, shoelaces can come with few problems, like keep getting filthy because they come undone and drag in the dirt, slush and mud or cannot be tied because they’re too slippery, too short or too thick. The Polka Dot Elastic No Tie Shoelaces has been designed to overcome each of these common shoelace problems. You won’t have to stop to re-tie your shoes at the most inconvenient moments, and it’s easy to slip on your favorite pair of sneakers and go!


  • Elastic design
  • Conform to your foot for a custom fit
  • Added compression
  • Reduces pressure points 
  • With the magnet clas
  • Fast and convenient
  • Length: About 100cm


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