Universal Socket Wrench

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Unscrew ANY Shape or Size Screw or Bolt Head!

Imagine a world where you can quickly and easily find the tool you're looking for.. crazy right!? Introducing Screw It! Making your dreams a reality one bolt head at a time!

So say goodbye to bulky tool-sets and wasted time on lost wrenches. This super socket fits in your pocket and can be brought with you anywhere and allows you to fix just about anything

Screw It! is an indispensable tool for any toolbox allowing you to unscrew any shape or size screw or bolt head effectively replacing both your metric and standard sockets.. now that's value!

This universal socket wrench makes a perfect gift for any DIY handyman that loves to get things done with his own two hands.. make things easier on them with this one of a kind tool set!


Replaces ALL of Your Sockets & Wrenches - no more bulky tool sets that waste your time when you inevitably can't find one of a hundred pieces.. this universal wrench has everything you need!

No More Wasted Time On Lost Tools - can't find that one tool that you need to finish your project? We've all been there! Grab Screw It! & ensure that you're able to finish your project every single time

Makes a Perfect Gift Idea - this universal socket wrench makes for an amazing gift during the holiday season! Be the talk of the town among your DIY buddies with your incredibly thoughtful gift!